Simon Boutureira

Head of Loan Servicing
Simon Boutureira image

Simon is Head of Loan Servicing and leads the day-to-day activities for Iken whilst also assisting on M7 Capital related matters. Since joining in July 2018 Simon has overseen the boarding of all M7 Capital originated lending – currently totalling over £200m across 23 borrowers.

Before joining M7, Simon was part of the Senior Management team at Pepper Cyprus where he played a pivotal role in establishing their servicing platform in a new jurisdiction. This included strategising with the Bank’s executive committee to formulate credit policy as well as managing borrowers and third parties within a €800m portfolio.

Prior to that he managed the rundown of a £350m Cerberus UK portfolio which maximised the return of lender’s investment in both primary and special servicing as well as directing various underwriting projects across the UK.

Simon previously worked at the National Bank of Australia for over 10 years and operated in all stages of the lending cycle. He possesses significant experience working with Commercial Real Estate portfolios that include large corporate, SME and retail assets.

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Favourite Film
Master & Commander
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Most interesting place you’ve visited
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Irrational fear/phobia
Walking over three drains
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Favourite smell
Freshly baked chocolate cookies
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City you’d most like to live in
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Something you would NEVER do again
Going to work the day after returning from Ibiza