Jonty Keaney

Senior Analyst

Prior to joining M7 Capital in September 2021, Jonty worked as an Analyst for a large New Zealand based property development and Investment company who owned a diverse portfolio of assets. Jonty concentrated primarily on analysis and reporting across the portfolio and gained experience assisting the development team in tendering and negotiating with external parties.

Prior to this, Jonty worked as a commercial valuer in Auckland, New Zealand specialising in industrial and office valuations for market, rental and insurance purposes. Jonty graduated from Massey University in New Zealand with a Bachelor of Business Studies majoring in Real Estate.

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Favourite Film
The Gentlemen
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Most interesting place you've visited
Uttar Pradesh, India
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Irrational fear/phobia
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Favourite smell
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City you'd most like to live in
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Something you would NEVER do again
Play a lap sweep shot on 97 in cricket