Hugh Fraser

Chief Executive Officer

Hugh is the Chief Executive Officer of M7 Capital and is responsible for all the group’s

activities. Hugh also serves on the M7 Capital Credit Committee.

Before the launch of M7 Capital in July 2020, Hugh was responsible for all debt capital market activities for M7 Real Estate’s European investments, including asset-level and fund-level financings, interest rate derivative strategy, the acquisition of non- performing loans and distressed real estate corporates. Since 2009, Hugh and his team have arranged and managed over €4.0bn of debt financings across 30 transactions on assets located in 12 jurisdictions.

Prior to co-founding M7 Real Estate in 2009, Hugh worked briefly at GPT Halverton, where he was Head of Debt and responsible for circa €1.4bn of debt across 8 pan- European funds. Before that, Hugh was a Director in the European real estate debt capital markets team at Eurohypo AG where he was responsible for the origination, structuring and execution of balance sheet and capital markets real estate lending totalling €2.0bn. Hugh also worked at Fitch Ratings where he was a senior member of the European Commercial Mortgage Backed Securitisation team. Hugh has more than 20 years’ experience in real estate finance across Europe and Australia.

Hugh received a Bachelor of Applied Science (Land Economics) and a Bachelor of Arts in International Studies from the University of Technology, Sydney, Australia.

Hugh speaks English and Spanish and resides in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

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Favourite film?
Le Stanza del figlio
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Most interesting place you’ve visited
Siargao Island,Philippines
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Irrational fear/phobia
4 OF 6
Favourite smell
Freshly cut grass or rain on tarmac after a hot day
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City you’d most like to live in
Hong Kong or Madrid
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Something you would NEVER do again
Bounce too high on an Olympic trampoline