Elizabeth Sims

Investment Manager

Elizabeth is an Investment Manager in M7 Capital. She is responsible for both UK and European debt origination, refinancing and redemption, on-going lender relations including loan administration and currently reports on over €250 million of M7 Real Estates’ own debt across six Real Estate Funds, as well as providing advisory services for debt origination and reporting to third parties.

Since joining M7 in 2012, Elizabeth has been involved in over €1 billion of M7 Real Estates’ Commercial Real Estate Senior Debt transactions, spanning across 14 Funds and 10 countries, as well as reporting on over €2 billion of debt in that timeframe. Her area of speciality is New Business & Debt Origination and she is a firm believer that good relationships can make transactions 100 times easier.

Prior to joining M7, Elizabeth worked at Casio Electronics Co Ltd from 2011, primarily looking after the trade marketing activities of Casio’s Timepiece division in the UK.

Elizabeth graduated in 2010 from the University of the West of England in Bristol (Business Studies BA Hons).

1 OF 6
Favourite Film
Forrest Gump
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Most interesting place you’ve visited
Pantanal (Brazil)
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Irrational fear/phobia
4 OF 6
Favourite smell
Sun Cream
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City you’d most like to live in
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Something you would NEVER do again
Swim with Piranhas