Antonius S. Maslaki

Credit Manager
Sohrab Maslaki image

Antonius is a Credit Manager within M7 Capital. He is responsible for sourcing, deal execution and underwriting of loan assets for Tunstall’s debt funds. He is fluent in German, Persian and Italian.

Prior to joining M7 Capital, Antonius worked in the UK Real Estate and Capital Markets divisions at M7 Real Estate assisting in JV arrangements and liaising with senior lenders for all M7 funds.

Antonius holds a BSc in General Management and Business Law from EBS University of Business and Law (Germany) and a double MSc in International Management (CEMS) from Bocconi University (Italy) and Stockholm School of Economics (Sweden).

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Favourite Film
The Godfather
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Most interesting place you’ve visited
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Irrational fear/phobia
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Favourite smell
Jasmine bloom
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City you’d most like to live in
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Something you would NEVER do again